Response-bluePeople operate in a 21st century world with a brain that still has ancient wiring.


The world we live in has become so technically focused in the last 100 years, our wiring is not built for it. We are all searching for effective and productive ways to handle the increasing demands that life is plating up for us.

Are you (or your team members):

  –  continuously switched on 24/7?

  –  observing/enduring high levels of stress?

  –  experiencing misunderstandings between communication styles?

  –  experiencing feelings of helplessness?

At NeuroResponse we have had a very personal, focused interest in interpreting what brain researchers have discovered and helping our clients understand how to apply skills and techniques to modify their thinking to manage all these outcomes and achieve outstanding results in their self-management, relationships and work/life in general.

We deliver workshops, specifically designed programs, specialised company audits, research, case studies, and experiential activities. We work in conjunction with your organisation to move towards a focused change program for your people.




‘Manage Your Stress for a Happier Life’ is a self-help step-by-step guide to dealing with stress, leading to a healthier, more relaxed and enjoyable way of life.   Read more…