Response Learning Victoria

Red logoAustralian qualifications have long been an indicator of standards and quality for organisations. They play an invaluable part of the sustainability and growth of the people within organisations both in compliance or development.

We are strong advocates for the development of people through qualifications and have been delivering qualifications for over ten years through our Registered Training Organisations Response Learning (RTO #30879) and now with Response Learning Victoria (RTO #22520).

We deliver differently from most RTOs due to our organisational development origins. We seek first to understand your business and design programs for transfer of learning with strong coaching support for participants.

We understand that participants come into training with a full and diverse range of needs so we work with the whole person and develop their ability to learn as well as their ability to acquire the skill and knowledge of the program.




We use adult learning methodologies, experiential and neuroscience principles to give people strategies to grow their self-esteem and confidence and they leave training stronger and more capable at work as a whole.

Courses are nationally recognised and fully accredited under the Vocational Education and Training Quality Framework.

Response Learning Victoria specialises in meat processing industry, a critical industry for Australia’s food sustainability.

The skills required are very specialised and diverse, from technical training to food safety, animal welfare, leadership and strategic planning.

For more information about accredited training delivered by Response Learning Victoria please visit the RLV website page.