Organisational Design

Organisation structure

While not the panacea to all issues, organisation structure serves as a fundamental basis for understanding the work within an organisation.  Structures need to be dynamic but also clearly express accountability for the work and reporting relationships. They are a fundamental system in any organisation. Response Consulting Australia has been working with organisations with respect to structuring for over 15 years.


Organisational Development

A natural outflow of reviewing an organisation is to have a plan for its future development that looks to support its success and ability to adapt the dynamic environment. Integrating these plans into the normal operating processes of the business is vital to success so that employees do not see the “cultural” or “organisational” activity as separated from their real work. We work predominantly with operating managers to develop an integrated strategy to be implemented across time.


Organisational Review and Advice

We believe that an organisation’s strategy, structure, systems and culture can and should be designed to take full advantage of its employees’ skills, abilities and potential. To this end, our associates work closely with our clients to identify ways of enhancing the ability of their people to effectively contribute to achieving their own and the organisation’s goals.