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The concept of personality type has long been regarded by trainers, coaches, counsellors and psychologists as a highly valid and powerful tool for a range of applications such as counselling, training, teaching and consulting. The insight game is a self awareness development tool which provides a framework for understanding our world and those around us. More information



0000046_manage-your-stress-for-a-happier-life_125Manage your stress for a Happier Life

‘Manage Your Stress for a Happier Life’ is a self-help step-by-step guide to dealing with stress, leading to a healthier, more relaxed and enjoyable way of life. More information


0000017_100-biodots_300Biodots – the original stress dot

Biodot® Skin Thermometers are small self-adhesive, temperature sensitive discs that are placed on the skin to monitor the skin temperature. Changes in skin temperature are due to changes in the amount of blood flowing through the skin. More blood flow – the skin is warmer; less blood flow – the skin is cooler. More information