AMP60115 Advanced Diploma of Meat Processing

A focus on achieving long-term vision…
… for those advancing from middle management to senior management roles within the meat processing industry.


RLarrowA nationally accredited, prestigious meat industry qualification.

icon_spacer-vflN3BYt2RLarrow tallBecome a skilled senior leader, who can contribute to addressing industry-wide challenges such as workforce retention, extensive regulation and demand-driven markets.icon_spacer-vflN3BYt2

RLarrowBecome an innovative manager, who can identify opportunities and create solutions.

icon_spacer-vflN3BYt2RLarrowDevelop exceptional self-management and self-improvement capability.

icon_spacer-vflN3BYt2RLarrowLearn valuable mentoring and leadership skills.




Develop your networks in workshops with other industry leaders


icon_spacer-vflN3BYt2The training program

We are flexible in our delivery times and customise our learning strategies to suit your needs.

Each workshop focuses on a specific area of business and leadership; key principles, techniques and thinking are reinforced throughout the whole program.

Get individual on-site coaching to help you apply new skills and knowledge back at plant.


Adv Dip