Why train with Response?

Customised Training

We design our training programs to provide:

RLarrowflexibility in the delivery times to fit in with shift times and peak periods, if required

RLarrowflexible, spaced workshops so real ‘workplace application’ of learning can take place

RLarrowon site coaching to ensure continuity of learning

RLarrowcustomised delivery material and approach to suit individual organisational needs.


We recognise previous work experience and learning

Response Learning ensures that training participants’ skills and knowledge, gained through formal and informal education, training, work experience, and/or life experience, are recognised. Talk to us about how to apply for Recognised Prior Learning or Credit Transfer (at no cost if no gap-training involved).


We provide all necessary training materials

Response Learning provide all the training manuals, record books, handouts, presentations and assessment documents.

We also work with our client organisations to ensure their organisational systems, processes and documents are incorporated into the training to promote relevance and uptake of learning outcomes.


Training and assessment methodology

Training is delivered through face-to-face workshops, individual coaching, simulated activities in workshops and practical activities within the workplace; using up-to-date customised training manuals and resources.

Assessment is undertaken through a mixture of questioning, observation, delivery of workplace projects and provision of workplace referee reports; dependent upon the program’s delivery strategy.


Learning Support

We take participants’ language, literacy and numeracy needs into consideration in the delivery and assessment of this qualification. We have a language, literacy and numeracy specialist in house to support training participants and trainers, where necessary.

Response Learning is committed to ensuring that people with a disability are able to participate in training programs we offer. We utilise training facilities that are suitable for access and will negotiate with you on behalf of your trainees to ensure we can cater for any specific needs.

We can make adjustments to the training environment, methodology and materials to ensure equal opportunity for all participants in performing the inherent requirements of their training.



We will provide program proposals and quotes based on individual circumstances and employer needs. Where state or federal funding is available and is appropriate for the training program, we will work with our clients to access funding.

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